Esmeraldas: Petroleum and Poverty (2002)

Dr. Holst’s first film was edited from footage collected by the community of Propicio Uno after a refinery explosion. Having worked with the community through the nonprofit Acción Ecológica in 2000, Dr. Holst used the film in advocacy surrounding legal proceedings against the refinery over the next decade.

The film was awarded the the International Human Rights Award at the 2003 Media That Matters Film Festival  at HBO Studios in New York. It was broadcast on FreeSpeech TV and carried in public and university libraries throughout the United States. It was featured in the 2006 United Nations Environment Programme INFO/MAP Mediterranean Environment Award international traveling festival, the 2005 Artivist Film Festival at the Egyptian Theater, Hollywood California, the 2005 Latin American Environmental Media Festival at Tulane University, New Orleans, the 2004 EFFA Film Festival at the Goethe-Institut, Ghana, the 2004 Rooftop Films Summer Series as part of The River Project at Pier 26 in New York, the 2003 DC Independent Film Festival at the City Museum of Washington DC, and the 2003 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival’s online activism installation at the Lincoln Center in New York.