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  • @Madison said: . The environmental movement seemed to have lost steam in the 1990s. Environmental organizations were reliant on donations from the public and began to focus on issues that people would care about and money into. For example, ba…
  • @charlotte said: Similar to what others are saying I had heard of a lot of these groups before. I think my perspective on them changed some after reading some of Losing Ground. I definitely feel like the funding from individuals sort of founda…
  • I’d heard of many of these organizations before. Growing up, I used to attend the Brower Youth Awards, named after David Brower of the Sierra Club. The big greens were definitely the only environmental organizations that I was aware of growing up an…
  • I agree with your overall assessment that the quiz emphasizes individual action and lifestyle changes while it doesn't fully help people to understand the extent of corporate environmental degradation. I also immediately thought about the fact that …
  • If everyone on the planet were to live like me, we would need 2.5 Earths. While it didn’t surprise me that if everyone were to live the way I do we would need more resources, I was surprised that my number was as low as it was. I think this is proba…